Radio personality Tanasha Donna might find herself entangled in an unwanted feud with a fellow artist after she was accused of copying a popular line in her new song which is making waves.

For those who might not know Bey T, she is a fast rising female MC who first gained serious recognition nationwide after she was endorsed by the likes of Maina Kageni and Papa Shirandula actress Awinja (Jacky Vike). Bey T currently has a string of songs under her name and it looks like 2019 might just be her year as she has released various singles. She, however, recently showed her vicious side after taking to social media to attempt to floor Tanasha , who is herself also trying to find her way in the Kenyan music scene.The budding singer accused the NRG Radio girl of copying her phrase “Kenya to the World”. One of Bey T’s biggest concerns was the fact that the phrase is usually associated with acts who are keen on putting Kenyan music on the world map and she somehow felt that Tanasha was not quite there yet

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“Someone tell Tanasha to stop wave riding” she wrote on her Instagram.

What ensued was a brief back and fourth between the two female artists online as Bey T took to release screenshots of Tanasha back in the day asking for her interview. It is not clear why the situation escalated so fast although cynics argue that the singer might be using Diamond bae’s name to make strides in her music career. In response to the allegations of plagiarism, Tanasha hit back subtly by saying she didn’t know a phrase could be owned by anyone. “Too much hate in this world. Jealousy is a disease. They’ll start beef over a phrase they think they invented when it has been used by so many artists in the 254, What’s wrong with this world though? What happened to empowering one another?” she posed

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