Gospel singer Bahati’s wife Diana Marua has shed light on her life long before she met the artiste in a very revealing interview. Diana is arguably living her best life at the moment and that can largely be attributed to her superstar hubby whom she has blessed with a beautiful baby Heaven.

However, their glittery life characterised by exotic holidays in Dubai and reality TV should not fool anyone into thinking it was always that way from the start. As a matter of fact, Diana, who has grown comfortable sharing the intimate aspects of her life, had a spell of nasty relationships in the past. She revealed in an interview with True Love magazine that at the time he met Bahati, she was experiencing her fair share of drama in what would be her last toxic relationship. “Bahati and I started off as friends. We met in 2016 when he was looking for a video vixen for his hit song mapenzi,” she explained.

Diana ‘s relationship with Bahati strictly started as a business endeavour as she was set to be featured in the singer’s music video Mapenzi as a vixen. According to Diana, she found out about her boyfriend’s cheating ways the same day she shot the video. “I remember I was awe struck. I even took selfies for my Instagram followers. I was seeing someone when we met but on the day of the video shoot, I found him cheating inside his car. The tears you see in the video are real heartbreak tears,” she went on. Her break up with the cheating boyfriend would eventually prove to be a blessing in disguise as she started bonding with Bahati on a more personal level. Back in the day, Diana was still all about the fast-lane life and she would schedule meetings with Bahati while she was drunk.

To cope with the situations, she told True Love, she would resort to chewing lots of gum to mask the smell of alcohol. All that, however, is in the past and despite frequent rumours their relationship is falling apart, the couple is now three years old in marriage and still going strong, having simply started out as “prayer partners”.

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