Andrew Kibe's plea after dramatic arrest

Andrew Kibe’s plea after dramatic arrest over debt

Kibe [Photo: Instagram @kibeandy]

Kiss 100 presenter Andrew Kibe has for the first time spoken out on his arrest over claims he defaulted on a friend’s loan.

Speaking on Instagram, Kibe admitted that he was indeed arrested at his place of work but decried the manner in which the whole issue was handled.

Nilikuwa nimeshikwa, I am free now,” said Kibe.

Kuwa na deni si kitu kubwa lakini sasa akicome kunishika kwa stesheni sasa hio ni ungwana kweli? You guys let me tell you how petty some people can be, even before we’ve seen the judge, the story is already out,” he added.

Kibe then went ahead to plead with his followers to extend courtesy and leniency to those who may be in trouble.

“The whole story is out, mko chap chap sana. Anyway, with that being said, I pray that you treat your friends with leniency because ile mbio nimepelekwa my friend by somebody who I thought was my friend! Nimeoneshwa maneno so please treat your friends with leniency hata kama mtu ako na deni yako,” he narrated.

According to sources, Kibe was sued by his friend Joshua Weru after he failed to pay a Sh215,000 loan that he took on February 28, 2012 and agreed to repay with an interest of Sh55,000.

In the June 2018 suit, Weru demanded that Kibe must repay the money, including accrued interest and cover the cost of the lawsuit.


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