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Willy Paul shocks netizens with nude x-rated video

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Controversial singer Willy Paul shocked many online fans after he posted an x rated video of nude women dancing, as his new song ‘Bure Kabisa’ played in the background.

The singer posted the explicit video on Instagram featuring naked women of different sizes and races dancing to the song, their private areas covered with a leaf and a pineapple fruit.


It is not clear whether the video is a teaser of his new song ‘Bure Kabisa’ or just a publicity stunt.

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Controversial artiste Willy Paul shocks netizens with nude x rated video

The singer announced his exit from the Gospel industry when he released ‘Hallelujah’ featuring Tanzanian singer Nandy. He has then gone on to release ‘Lamba nyonyo’ and recently ‘Chuchuma’.

Pozze was recently exposed for sliding into a models DM trying to seduce her.

This face is thirsty for success, not sex

Willy Pozze came out to defend himself saying that his face was thirsty for success and not for sex.

The lady who goes by the Instagram name I am Sweet Bird claimed that Willypozze had been texting her.She went ahead to say that she was not interested in broke Kenyan musicians. He warned the singer of facing dire consequences if he texted her again.

“And then he’s been textin me like I’m interested in broke Kenyan artist. Nigga I’m fucking Somali and you don’t tell me shit. Text me again and you’ll see your ass getting kicked @willy.paul.msafi,” she wrote.

Here are the people’s comments.

Netizens were quick to respond, detailing how Will Pauls started as a gospel artiste before transitioning to scantily-dressed ladies twerking in his videos.

Others alleged that the devil had enslaved the former servant of God who sought to minister through his songs.

A section of netizens questioned whether he was making a debut intto the porn industry with his raunchy videos.

“This one no hey man a you trying to act porn on your music ama!!!!!” Quipped sandramercy751.

@wakarende wrote: Jamani I love you pozee but siwezo saport hi video juu watoto watona uchi ya wanawake surely funika hizo nyap plz

“Like seriously willy wee mjinga pamoja na hao madem nilikuwa napenda nyimbozako but umenitoa roho kwenye nyimbo zako” She wrote.

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